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Chocoly Cafe

Our Slogon is "Soaund Of Taste" the sound coming out becuase of enjoyment

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Fine Beasns

Beans selected carefully and also the Roaster. All are exceptional

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Hot Drinks

Different than the rest

A uniqe reciepies have been selected to leave unforgetable expercince

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Coffee became a must in everyday in a lot of people lives. It tends to be a habit, and it elevates to coffee-holic. It is good for the body but depends in the quality of the whole process, starting from the bean till the end cup that is served. Coffee has become No. 1 trading commodity in the world if we put Oil aside.


We fall in love with everything related to coffee with a lot of passion and appreciation and therefore decided to translate this into business and share the enjoyment with others. We took it seriously and dedicated a lot of time to make sure we follow the best and top standards in serving Coffee. We did a good research to line up with the right provider of Coffee and then the rest of the process in selecting the right Roaster. Then for the last important step, which is brewing and serving the Cup, we do all the steps with the highest standards, which is the Barista work. We try to make sure that the client is satisfied in order to attract him to come again and again. When we approach this, it is success for the Coffee and for us.


Keep enjoying life with Coffee.


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8198 King Abdullazez Road,Riyadh 12254-3930, Saudi Arabia.

(966) 114006646


8198 King Abdullazez Road,Riyadh 12254-3930

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